Videos Related to Disability in Agriculture

The National AgrAbility Project and the state AgrAbility Projects have produced numerous videos covering a wide range of topics. You can view many of them on AgrAbility YouTube channels:

Below are some popular videos produced by AgrAbility projects or related to AgrAbility 

"AgrAbility: Renewing Hope, Restoring Productivity" Video Series

Laurie Hayn, using prosthetic arm and prosthetic leg, stands on lift that raises her to cab of tractor.Watch the stories of AgrAbility clients who have overcome great obstacles to continue their lives in agriculture.


"AgrAbility: It's About Hope" focuses on the personal stories of AgrAbility customers, including John Enns (Oklahoma), Brenda Besse (Illinois), Philip Jones (Maryland), and Peggy Milliman (Maryland). Each describes the circumstances that led them to AgrAbility, how the Program helped them, and the ways that they have gone on to prosper and provide hope to others. In addition to the interviews, the video provides essential information about how AgrAbility operates and how to access AgrAbility
services. It was produced in short and long versions.

Mississippi AgrAbility produced two videos: Caring for a Diabetic Foot in a Farming Environment and Caring for a Residual Limb in a Farming Environment.