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The Toolbox: Agricultural Tools, Equipment, Machinery & Buildings for Farmers and Ranchers with Physical Disabilities is a resource that contains assistive technology solutions for farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural workers with disabilities.

You can View by Category or Search the Toolbox to find products, designs, ideas, techniques, and suggestions.

In addition to the database, there are several technical reports, providing techniques and suggestions focused on a specific topic on farming/ranching with a disability.

The Toolbox is based upon the print and CD versions of the product bearing the same name, published by the Breaking New Ground Resource Center (BNG). The new online format allows for added features, such as enhanced search and browse capabilities, video clips, hyperlinks to the web sites of product suppliers, full-color photographs, and continuously updated solution fact sheets.

Note: You cannot order Toolbox items from or through AgrAbility. You must obtain them through the manufacturer or supplier found at the bottom of each Toolbox information page.



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