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Terms and Conditions of Fair Use

You may distribute printed pages from The Toolbox Online at no charge if the materials are for personal or educational purposes only. When printing any of the materials, you may not modify them in any way. The copyright notice (i.e. "Breaking New Ground Resource Center, Purdue University") for material being distributed must appear on each copy you print and distribute.

Except for personal use, electronic files derived from The Toolbox Online may not be copied or distributed without permission from Purdue University.

If any of the materials are to be used in any manner for commercial purposes (that is, if any profit is connected to the use of the materials in any way, if any fee is charged, or if providing such materials enhances your commercial interests), then you must first contact the Breaking New Ground Resource Center. We will forward your request to Purdue's Office of Technology Commercialization (OTC).

If you have questions concerning the Terms and Conditions of Fair Use for The Toolbox, please contact:

Breaking New Ground Resource Center
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