Ruby Davis: Overcoming arthritis to promote healthy living

Ruby Davis stands with a hoe in a field in front of a greenhouse

“I believe if you eat better, you’re gonna be healthier. And when you’re healthier, you’re gonna want to do more. And once you get up and do, that’s gonna help you in all kinds of ways.”

So says Ruby Davis of Arlington, Georgia, who operates Ruby’s Garden, an organic garden farm that hosts a goat herd and produces vegetable crops, poultry, and eggs. Davis, a retired nurse in her mid-70s, has been limited by arthritis in her abilities to lift, open containers, and hold needed tools.

The Georgia AgrAbility team assisted Ruby with getting a “chicken tractor” – essentially a small, portable chicken coop on wheels – that she can move herself to provide fresh grass for her free-range poultry. They also helped her put up a hoop house greenhouse that enables her to keep producing vegetables after the normal growing season ends.

Ruby’s customers include a school system, a rescue mission, and several grocery stores. One of her ambitions is to travel the area and teach others how to cook healthy and economical meals.

Ruby said, “So the name AgrAbility has credibility in the work world. You make me feel that you are part of my team.”