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About AgrAbility

  • Program Description
    Find out more about the mission, priorities, structure, and history of AgrAbility. Learn how to get assistance if you're in need of AgrAbility services, and explore the possibility of starting an AgrAbility Project, if one doesn't already exist.

  • National AgrAbility Project Team
    Many staff members are involved in sustaining AgrAbility at the national level. Learn more about the people comprise the national team.

  • NAP Advisory Team
    Composed of professionals from agriculture, rehabilitation-related organizations, and current or former AgrAbility clients, the NAP Advisory Team contributes to short- and long-range strategic planning and enhances networking capacity.

  • Work Plan
    The activities of the NAP are directed by a four-year work plan that outlines specific goals and objectives. Please feel free to provide feedback and recommendations via our Contact Us form