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Tractor Window Step Kits
Tractor Window Step Kits

Right and/or left side Tractor Window Step Kits provide easier and safer access to the front and side windows (and battery box) of John Deere 7000- and 8000-series tractor cabs for cleaning/maintenance/repair. The rugged, simple-to-install steps are 15 inches long by 7½ inches deep. The right-side kit includes a lower step that pivots for personal-preference location and safety handle that mounts to the exhaust stack.

Archived This product is no longer produced. Information is included for reference and archival purposes.
Estimated Cost Cost range: See below

Limitations Limitations Addressed by Product: Strength/endurance, Lower extremity

SourceM.D. Products, Inc
Mike Dinch
2421 15th Street SW
Mason City, IA, 50401
Est. Cost$220 (Both right and left kits), $180 (Right kit only), $60 (Left kit only)
Last updated: Feb 15, 2017

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