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Matt Reynolds' Chair Lift
Matt Reynolds' Chair Lift

Matt Reynolds' Chair Lift, which he himself designed while an agricultural engineering student at Purdue University, was mounted on a Ford 8000 tractor. This versatile inclined-track lift does not interfere with use of the tractor by others but does partially obstruct one's view on the tractor's left side. A lower mounting bracket is bolted to the tractor frame and extends horizontally to support the end of a Uni-strut track (see figure). The upper mounting bracket for the track is a horizontal angle iron securely clamped to the tractor's rollover protection structure. The lift's guide mechanism consists of two parallel sections of Uni-strut track welded to the upper and lower mounting brackets, with their open slots facing out. A bearing plate rides in the slots to carry the lift seat assembly along the Uni-strut track. The lift seat, which came from a Case 1290 tractor, is mounted to a small swing arm on the bearing plate such that it can pivot close to the tractor operator's seat when transferring. A stationary 12-volt DC cable winch, fastened to the top of the Uni-strut track, pulls the lift seat up the track. The winch is rated at 2,500 pounds pulling capacity, with a speed of 5 feet per minute, and draws 25 amps of current when winding up the cable. The lift is controlled with a remote, self-centering switch mounted on the lift seat.

Estimated Cost Cost range: See below

Limitations Limitations Addressed by Product: Lower extremity

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Last updated: Mar 01, 2019

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