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LapStacker Retractable Wheelchair-Carry System
Woman in a wheelchair with a laudry basket on her lap and a LapStacker belt securing the basket so that she can use both hands freely.

The LapStacker Retractable Wheelchair-Carry System is designed to allow the user to secure many types, shapes, and sizes of objects on his/her lap. Affixed to the chair's left and right front vertical frame, the system includes tensioned straps, retractors (that house the straps), brackets/clamps (that hold retractors to frame), and magnetic buckles (that fasten straps together). To operate, one pulls the straps from the retractors, brings them toward each other over the item(s), and joins the magnetized buckles together. When the buckles are unhooked, the straps retract back into their housings.

Estimated Cost Cost range: See below

Limitations Limitations Addressed by Product: Lower extremity

SourceNot-A-Wheelchair, Inc. (Distributor for adaptdefy:
125 East Main Street, Ste. 335
American Fork, UT, 84003
Est. Cost$120-$150
Last updated: Jun 28, 2024

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