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GPS Fence Dog Collar
A hand holding a phone showing the GPS Dog Fence area on its face with a dog in the background wearing a GPS Dog Fence Collar and catching a red ball

For livestock producers who use herding or guard dogs, a GPS Fence Dog Collar with its companion mobile app provides for invisible fence-type containment of the animal (via collar-emitted vibrations), sends alerts when it "tests" the containment area's pre-set boundaries, and reveals the dog's precise location. This GPS collar-and app system utilizes machine learning for fence and tracking accuracy. Some systems rely on cellular networks, others on a subscription-fee-based charging cradle/gateway within a given radius.

Estimated Cost Cost range: $600-$1,300

Limitations Limitations Addressed by Product: Lower extremity, Strength/endurance, Visual

SourcePetSafe Brands (Guardian)
10427 PetSafe Way
Knoxville, TN, 37932

SourceProtect Animals with Satellites, LLC (Halo)
5465 Legacy Drive, Ste. 650
Plano, TX, 75024

SourceSafe Retrieve, LLC (SkyShepherd)
4215 Trillium Lane East
Minnetrista, MN, 55364

SourceSpotOn GPS Fence (SpotOn)
7 Perimeter Road
Manchester, NH, 03103
Last updated: Mar 08, 2024

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