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Excess Ratchet-Strap Containment Device
Excess Ratchet-Strap Containment Device with strap spooled on it sitting in grass

This Excess Ratchet-Strap Containment Device (called Wrap A Doodle Doo) is designed to neatly secure the strapping that's left over once the cargo has been tied down, eliminating the need to tie it up or tuck it under something. Having a hand-cranked spool and locking pin, one reels in the excess strap tail, slides the unit onto the tightened strap, then inserts the pin to lock it in place. (The process requires no tools.

Estimated Cost Cost range: See below

Limitations Limitations Addressed by Product: Upper extremity, Back

SourceWrap A Doodle Doo
15846 Heiser Road
Berlin Center, OH, 44401
Est. Cost$40 for 2 up to $262 for 16
Last updated: Feb 07, 2024

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