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UbiDuo Communication Device
2 UbiDuo devices back-to-back against a white background

A dual-keyboard UbiDuo Communication Device is designed to allow deaf or hard-of-hearing users to communicate with anyone face-to-face in real time. Several models are available: the UbiDuo 3 allows users to type messages back and forth with others (in both wireless and wired versions), while the UbiDuo 3 Text to Speech 1 and the UbiDuo 3 Text to Speech 2 convert typed text into audible speech. Wireless models use a proprietary technology to connect the two halves to each other without requiring internet, Wi-Fi, or cellular data. The devices reportedly have an 8-hour battery life and weigh approximately 31/2 pounds.

Estimated Cost Cost range: See below

Limitations Limitations Addressed by Product: Hearing

SourcesComm, Incorporated
6238 Hadley Street
Raytown, MO, 64133
Est. CostWireless-$3,700, wired-$4,000, Text-to-speech-$4,400 - $8,000
Last updated: Mar 08, 2024

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