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Hand Lever Hose Nozzle
A black and yellow Hand Lever Hose Nozzle against a white background

The amount and intensity of flow from most variable-pressure hose nozzles are regulated by having to turn the tip of (or a knob on) the nozzle and squeeze a handle/trigger. For one with a hand impairment, this can be difficult to do. A Hand Lever Hose Nozzle, (sometimes called a "fireman's nozzle"), which is pushed/pulled to regulate flow rather than squeezed/twisted, may prove to be a good alternative, including for persons with a hand prosthesis. Among the common brands of the Hand Lever Hose Nozzle are: Melnor, Aqua-Plumb, Camco, Carrand, Flex-Hose, Gilmour, Melnor, and Orbits.

Estimated Cost Cost range: $15-$35

Limitations Limitations Addressed by Product: Upper extremity

SourceAvailable from retail hardware/home improvement/general merchandise stores and many online outlets.
Last updated: Apr 25, 2024

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