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Homemade Portable Tire-Tools Platform
Pallet on a pallet jack in a shop with a tire and tire tools on the pallet.

With this Homemade Portable Tire-Tools Platform, Coldwater, MS, farmer Bob Payne no longer has to lift and carry his tire-changing/repairing items outdoors every time. The platform is simply a wood pallet topped with a sheet of 3/4-inch plywood onto which he bolted down his tire tools. Using his forklift, he's now able to transport everything at one time and, when done, to put the platform and its contents up on a special shelf. When tire-changing, Bob has flanked the poorly support bead breaker with a couple deck boards, which holds it in place, and slips a 5-foot pipe extension over the handle to give him more leverage. This concept of palletized tools reduces walking, lifting, and carrying materials from farm shop to work site and could be applied to other projects such as firewood cutting, fence building, or carpentry repairs.

Estimated Cost Cost range: See below

Limitations Limitations Addressed by Product: Lower extremity, Upper extremity, Strength/endurance, Back

SourceAdapted from Farm Show Magazine (vol. 45, no. 3)
Bob Payne
Coldwater, MS, 38618
Est. CostNominal
Last updated: Apr 07, 2023

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