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Rear-View Camera Systems
Upper left pic of monitor with pics from 4 different cameras on it. Lower rt pic of 2 transmitters

After-market Rear-View Camera Systems (also called reverse or back-up cameras) are designed to allow users to see on an in-cab monitor what's behind the vehicle and/or trailing implement. This allows him/her to more easily hitch, check on the work being performed-and they can help prevent equipment- and people-related accidents. Complete system kits usually include (1) a 5- to 7-inch color monitor (can connect up to three cameras and switch between views via button or remote); (2) a monitor harness and mount (dashboard-magnet or windshield suction cup); (3) camera convertors and connectors; (4) ample length of cable if a battery-powered system or appropriate app if a wireless system; and (5) one camera (with the option to purchase additional ones if the monitor has multi-screen capacity). Depending on make/model, camera may be night-vision with built-in infra-red LEDs to allow visibility in low-light conditions.

Estimated Cost Cost range: $175-$325

Limitations Limitations Addressed by Product: Lower extremity, Back

SourceCamera Source, LLC
408 Village Walk Lane
Johnson Creek, WI, 53038

SourceVisionworks Cameras
22919 N Coburg Road
Harrisburg, OR, 97446

SourceTD Electronics
8868 Research Boulevard, Ste 208
Austin, TX, 78758

SourceDakota Micro, Inc.
8659 148th Avenue SE
Cayuga, ND, 58013
Last updated: May 03, 2023

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