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Powered Wheelbarrows: Heavy-Duty
Black powered 4-wheeled wheelbarrow with gray tub against a white background

With a walk-behind Heavy-Duty Powered Wheelbarrow, one can reportedly transport a load of bulk materials weighing from 650 up to 1,200 pounds (depending on make/model). Some are powered by a gasoline engine, others by a high-watt/high-volt rechargeable-battery motor. All being four-wheeled, some have two large forward drive wheels with smaller stabilizing rear caster wheels, while others have equal-size drive wheels. A heavy-duty barrow can reportedly traverse rough terrain and climb steep slopes, with the operator merely guiding it via controls mounted on the handles. All come with multiple-speed forward and single-speed reverse gears, regenerative braking, and power-dumping ability.

Estimated Cost Cost range: $2,100-$6,000, depending primarily on load capacity

Limitations Limitations Addressed by Product: Lower extremity, Upper extremity, Strength/endurance, Back

SourceMuck-Truck USA, LLC
2691 SW Domina Road
Port Saint Lucia, FL, 34953

SourceOverland Carts (Div. of Granite Industries)
595 East Lugbill Road
Archbold, OH, 43502

SourceTomahawk Power, LLC
8925 Carroll Way C
San Diego, CA, 92121

SourceYARDMAX Power Products, Incorporated
534 Congress Circle North
Roselle, IL, 60172
Last updated: May 03, 2023

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