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Hitch-Mounted Mini Workbench
Left pic of back end of white pickup truck with tailgate down & black square metal tubing fastened to hitch with riser & black worktable with chop-saw attached. Rt pick of back of truck with metal tubing rising from hitch & holding a grinder.

A Hitch-Mounted Mini Workbench allows one to transport, set up, and use his/her bench-mounted shop tools (e.g., grinder, vise, anvil) where bench-top mounting is not possible. The commercially-made version consists of a 11/2-inch-square L-shaped metal frame plus a top-plate and fastening hardware. Its horizontal leg inserts into the pickup's 2-inch x 2-inch receiver hitch and is long enough so the vertical leg is beyond the tailgate when lowered. The height-adjustable, fold-down vertical leg accommodates the top-plate, onto which can be bolted either a wood or metal mini-workbench or one of the bench tools. (Electric-powered bench tools can be run off a generator in the truck bed.) Willows, CA, farmer Brad Mallory constructed a homemade version that was described in the Farm Show Magazine issue noted below.

Estimated Cost Cost range: $75-$260

Limitations Limitations Addressed by Product: Lower extremity, Upper extremity, Strength/endurance, Back

SourceDiscount Ramps, LLC
N102 W19400 Willow Creek Way
Germantown, WI, 53022

SourceMaxxHaul Towing Products, LLC
300 South Lewis Road, Unit H
Camarillo, CA, 93012

13301 West 43rd Drive, Unit 11
Golden, CO, 80403

SourceFarm Show Magazine
Brad Mallory
Willows, CA
Last updated: Oct 21, 2022

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