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Livestock Headlock
Left pic of silver tubular metal rectangular head lock. Rt pic of homemade 2

Often positioned along a feed bunk or in an alleyway, a Livestock Headlock is used to securely hold/restrain an animal (beef, dairy, sheep, goat) so one can safely feed, milk, and/or carry out needed healthcare-related activities, such as vaccinating, medicating, hoof trimming, dehorning, etc. Although manufactured ones (usually of tubular galvanized steel) are available from farm/ranch supply outlets, homemade versions are not difficult to make. Constructed from boards or metal pipes, it consists of a rigid rectangular frame, a pivoting bar, a lock-stop, and a rope that's pulled to close it once the animal's head is through the opening.

Estimated Cost Cost range: Manufactured-$325, Homemade-$50

Limitations Limitations Addressed by Product: Lower extremity, Strength/endurance, Upper extremity

SourceFarm and Ranch Depot, LLC
342 North Queen Street, #73
Lancaster, PA, 17603

SourceHomesteader's Supply, Incorporated
P.O. Box 518 (3672 North Coleman Road)
Coleman, MI, 48618

SourceForesight Services, LLC
Ned Stoller
12152 Cascade Road SE
Lowell, MI, 49331
Last updated: Oct 20, 2022

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