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Spring-Loaded Stand-Up Jab Planter
Person from waist down standing in garden row using clear tube with seeds in it and red planting end on tube to jab seeds into row hill.

Designed to sow medium-size seeds (e.g., corn, beans, peas, sunflower) rapidly from a standing position, the Spring-Loaded Stand-Up Jab Planter works by simply pressing it into the soil. Two models are available: a seeder only and a seeder/feeder. While both drop a selected number of seeds (1 or 2) at a selected depth (from 1.5 to 3 inches), the seeder/feeder model also deposits granular fertilizer (from 1/10 to 3 teaspoonfuls) into the soil 3 inches to the side. The device is best used for planting many long rows of the same crop at one time (not for small gardens). It features (1) a spring-loaded metal beak that's pressed into the soil; it then opens as the beak is retracted to deposit the seed and/or fertilizer; and (2) a rotating drum that makes a partial turn with each jab to meter out the seeds and fertilizer.

Estimated Cost Cost range: See below

Limitations Limitations Addressed by Product: Strength/endurance, Back

SourceEasy Digging (Baka Specialties, LLC)
1400 Forum Boulevard, #585
Columbia, MO, 65203
Est. CostSeeding model-$59; seeding/fertilizing model-$73
Last updated: Feb 23, 2023

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