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2-in-1 Hand Truck/Brush Cart
Left pic of man in dark clothes holding t-handle of a blue and silver 2-wheeled hand truck with a very large piece of a tree trunk on it. Rt pic has hand truck in horizontal position with 3rd front wheel &  side rails with load of branches on it.

This 2-in-1 Hand Truck/Brush Cart (called the BTS Hauler) helps move brush and heavy loads with less lifting and carrying. It has a 1,500-pound load limit and 46 cubic feet of cargo space. Being only 30 inches wide, it can fit through a 36-inch gate/doorway, even with optional 61/2-inch-wide tires. As a hand truck, it is designed to lift and transport big logs, barrels, anything large and bulky, thanks to its ergonomic handle system. Converting to a brush cart or disassembling reportedly requires no more than pulling four hitch pins-no tools needed. As a brush cart, it can be pulled either by hand or by vehicle (e.g., ATV/UTV, pickup, or small tractor) using the optional tow tongue.

Estimated Cost Cost range: See below

Limitations Limitations Addressed by Product: Strength/endurance, Back, Lower extremity, Upper extremity

SourceLogRite Tools, LLC
60 Industrial Park Rd
Vernon, CT, 06066
Fax860 872-0864
Est. Cost$1,130 + $95 for optional tow tongue
Last updated: Feb 16, 2022

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