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Electric-Powered Automotive Jack
Right front tire on silver car with black electric cord coming from car door to silver jack under frame of car and an arm holding the control for the electric jack

Workers with arm or back impairments can use the Electric-Powered Automotive Jack to raise (with the push of a button) one side of a vehicle 12-17 inches to allow for tire maintenance. The device runs off the vehicle's 12-volt DC battery via an adapter at the end of a long electrical cord that plugs into the cigarette lighter or 12V outlet. Depending on make/model, maximum lift capacities range from 1 to 5 tons. Most have a built-in circuit breaker to protect the vehicle's wiring from overload, slipping-prevention safety features, tire-inflation capability, and storage case.

Estimated Cost Cost range: $100-$160, depending primarily on lifting capacity

Limitations Limitations Addressed by Product: Upper extremity, Strength/endurance, Back

SourceDeltran USA, LLC
801 International Speedway Boulevard
Deland, FL, 32724

SourcePilot Automotive, Incorporated
13000 Temple Avenue
City of Industry, CA, 91746

SourcePowerbuilt Tools, LLC
6122 Katella Avenue
Cypress, CA, 90630

SourceVevor Corporation
1172 Murphy Avenue, Ste. 237
San Jose, CA, 95131
Last updated: Feb 01, 2022

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