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Loader Bucket Add-On Grapple
Yellow & black skid loader in field with black add-on grapple with 4 grapples o
ver top of loader bucket.

A Loader Bucket Add-On Grapple allows one who has back, arm, or mobility issues to lift and move rocks, debris, logs, materials, etc., without having to leave the tractor or skid steer seat. The grapple, which operates off the machine's hydraulic system, bolts directly onto loader bucket itself or affixes to a toolbar that runs the length of, but just few inches above, the bucket. To accommodate different loader bucket sizes and intended use of the grapple, the buyer can choose between (1) a longer-width add-on or (2) side-by-side smaller-width add-ons.

Estimated Cost Cost range: $600-$1,800, depending primarily on width of grapple or number of grapples

Limitations Limitations Addressed by Product: Lower extremity, Upper extremity, Strength/endurance, Back

SourcePrecision Manufacturing Inc.
800 Market Street
Sedalia, MO, 65301

SourceStout Buckets
P.O. Box 38 (N6680 County Road Q)
Knapp, WI, 54749

SourceTitan Attachments, LLC
P.O. Box 649 (232 Industrial Lane)
Decatur, TN, 37322

SourceW.R. Long, Incorporated
1607 Cedar Street
Tarboro, NC, 27886
Last updated: Feb 22, 2022

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