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Magnet-Mounted Rear-View Mirrors
Black & white skid steer with round side-view mirrors mounted on each side of cab on skid steer body. Dirt road & pine trees in background.

With a pair of Magnet-Mounted Rear-View Mirrors, the operator is able to see along the machine's tires or tracks on each side as well as the back corners without twisting his/her back or neck. Usual attachment site on skid-steer loaders is on the upper side of the lift arms. However, because these mirrors are affixed via industrial-strength magnets, one has leeway in being able to locate and adjust according to conditions that are unique to the operator, the machine, and/or the task.

Estimated Cost Cost range: $72-$140

Limitations Limitations Addressed by Product: Back

SourceSkid Steer Mirror, LLC
9003 South Meller Road
Solon Springs, WI, 54873

SourceExtreme Metal Products, LLC "Magnet-Mounted Rear-View Mirrors"
4830 Briar Road
Cleveland, OH, 44135
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Last updated: Jan 04, 2023

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