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Skid-Steer Loader Bucket Steps
Left pic of skid steer bucket on ground in snow with 2 steps welded on it. Rt pic man stepping out of skid steer onto steps on bucket

With these cast iron Skid-Steer Loader Bucket Steps, one is able to access the machine's operator station without having to climb over the bucket. The 6- by 12-inch steps are affixed (via welding or bolting) to the outside back of the bucket - one about halfway up, the other a couple inches down from the top. They consist of metal slats welded to a frame, the tops of which are serrated to help prevent one's shoe/boot from slipping.

Estimated Cost Cost range: See below

Limitations Limitations Addressed by Product: Lower extremity, Upper extremity

SourceForesight Services, LLC "Skid-Steer Loader Bucket Steps"
Ned Stoller
12152 Cascade Road SE
Lowell, MI, 49331
Est. Cost$75 per step, including mounting brackets
Last updated: Oct 20, 2022

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