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Added Step Plans
2 pics of red combine steps with added silver angle-iron and metal plate step bolted on with rope tied to plate of step. 1 pic the step is down to use – the other it is pulled up against the 2nd step so it is out of  the way.

By following these Added Step Plans, one can produce a device to help reduce strain on knees when climbing on or off the tractor, combine, or other equipment. The step flips up and down with a rope and stays in place while driving. (Those who don't need the extra step can simply leave it folded up, stepping on it in place.) The online instructions include a list of supplies needed as well as the text and pictures on how to make and mount the step. The author indicates that in an equipped farm shop it takes him about two hours to build this step.

Estimated Cost Cost range: See below

Limitations Limitations Addressed by Product: Lower extremity, Strength/endurance

SourceNed Stoller on "Fold-Up Tractor Step"
12152 Cascade Road
Lowell, MI, 49331
Est. CostNominal
Submitted by: Ned Stoller, Michigan AgrAbility Project

Last updated: May 03, 2021

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