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Silicone Anti-Slip Grip Roll
Silicone Anti-Slip Grip Roll

The ready-to-cut Silicone Anti-Slip Grip Roll is designed to allow one to add a non-slip grip to a myriad of items and surfaces (e.g., shop/garden tools, cookware handles, doorknobs, trays, standing areas, drawer liners). Being thin, pliable, and 100% silicone, it will reportedly form itself around-and adhere to-most anything, will not leave a residue when removed, and is washable, non-toxic, and heat-resistant. It's available in six sizes from about 8 inches wide by 3 feet long to 16 inches wide by 30 feet long.

Estimated Cost Cost range: See below

Limitations Limitations Addressed by Product: Upper extremity, Strength/endurance

SourceTenura USA (c/o Heskins LLC)
500 Grant Avenue
East Butler, PA, 16029
Est. Cost$16 and up, depending on roll width and length
Last updated: Dec 07, 2017

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