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Calf Transport Box
ATV with dump bed equipped with wooden enlargement box

Michael French of Real Life Design (Columbus, OH) has built a Calf Transport Box for a Polaris Ranger 6 X 6 utility vehicle that allows loading the calf without having to lift it. Constructed of 5/8-inch, marine-grade plywood and lined inside with 3/8-inch, high-density polyethylene to provide an easy-slide surface, the box is long enough to touch the ground when the vehicle's bed is tilted back. A 12volt DC cable winch is fastened to the front of the utility vehicle, with the cable routed on pulleys over the top of the cab. The calf is secured in a canvas harness fastened to the cable and winched up into the box, which then tilts back onto the vehicle's bed as the animal slides forward.

Estimated Cost Cost range: See below

Limitations Limitations Addressed by Product: Back, Lower extremity, Strength/endurance, Upper extremity

SourceReal Life Design
Michael French
1363 Hollywood Place
Columbus, OH, 43212
Est. Cost$800
Last updated: Aug 30, 2022

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