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Titan Big-Grip Poly Scoop
Titan Big-Grip Poly Scoop

The ergonomically engineered, one-piece, heavy-duty Titan Big-Grip Poly Scoop is designed for numerous shoveling challenges, such as removing snow, laying out mulch, mucking animal stalls/pens, shoveling grain, spreading pea gravel, etc. The extra large 'D' grip at the end of the handle allows one to use both hands for pushing; a second grip between blade and handle offers additional lifting leverage; and stepping on the blade's molded-in foot pad can provide a further boost for scooping action. The shovel is 48 inches long with a 14 x 18 inch blade yet weights only 5 pounds.

Estimated Cost Cost range: See below

Limitations Limitations Addressed by Product: Strength/endurance, Back

SourcePoly Pro Tools
P.O. Box 698
Zionsville, IN, 46077
Est. Cost$44 (Available at various online suppliers)
Last updated: Mar 02, 2017

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