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Pot-Mate Nursery Hand Cart
Pot-Mate Nursery Hand Cart

The Pot-Mate Nursery Hand Cart is designed to enable an individual to secure, lift, move, position, then release a 15-, 30-, or 45-gallon nursery pot without damaging the plants or one's back. To operate, the cart's handle bar is lowered to where its clamps are centered over the pot's rim; the bar is then raised, allowing the clamps to open and fall over the rim; then the bar is again lowered, which engages the clamps and lifts the pot. After moving the pot to where desired, the bar is once more raised, releasing the clamps. (Also available is the Bag-Mate Hand Cart for lifting and moving 15- to 45-gallon nursery bags.)

Estimated Cost Cost range: See below

Limitations Limitations Addressed by Product: Strength/endurance, Back

SourceSpecialty Converting & Supply, Inc.
P.O. Box 913
1114 East Marion Avenue
Nashville, GA, 31639
Est. Cost$675 (Contact supplier for current pricing)
Last updated: Jan 02, 2024

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