Project Manager

Paul Jones


The NAP Project Manager (PM) is responsible for day-to-day management of operations and Purdue staff and for project coordination with the staffs of NAP subcontractors, unfunded collaborators, and each of the SRAPs. The PM seeks to ensure good working relationships between the NAP, SRAPs, and all NAP collaborators and stakeholders. The PM coordinates annual reporting activities of the NAP, the design of new educational resources, webinars, and the NAP’s online presence, in collaboration with the NAP IT specialist.


Paul Jones has been an AgrAbility staff member since 1998, manager of the BNG Resource Center since 2000, and manager of the national AgrAbility Project since 2008. As manager of the Resource Center, he has been involved in the development of all resources over the past 17 years, including several that have received national awards.