Assistive Technology Specialist

Ned Stoller


The assistive technology specialist helps promote RESNA certification of SRAP staff members in order to enhance the level of services being provided, assists with the development of new resources for AgrAbility customers, and acts as a NAP liaison to RESNA. He also assists with developing and documenting low-tech AT and organizing the Toolbox with a special section searchable by low-tech will help people who do not have AgrAbility staff in their states.


Ned Stoller is a certified Assistive Technology Professional and agricultural engineer. Since completing his degree in Agricultural and Biological Engineering at Purdue University in 1997, Ned’s mission has been to improve the quality of life for farmers and skilled-trades workers with medical conditions. He has been the engineer for Easterseals Michigan AgrAbility since 2003, and is the developer of to help people find assistive technology work tools and methods to minimize physical pain, improve safety, and enable workers.

Photo of Ned Stoller