Underserved Populations Outreach Coordinator

Chuck Baldwin


The Special Populations Outreach Coordinator (SPOC) is responsible for identifying and maintaining contacts with underserved populations in agriculture and with organizations that assist them. Such populations include African American, Native American, and Hispanic/Latino agricultural workers. The SPOC represents AgrAbility at events geared toward these populations. This staff member also encourages participation by underserved populations in AgrAbility events. The SPOC works closely with Extension professionals representing such constituents, including 1890 and 1994 land-grant universities.


Chuck Baldwin has spent the majority of the last 32 years in cross-cultural work, primarily in western and central Africa. His responsibilities involved public speaking, fund-raising, teaching, leadership development, mentoring of leaders, and fostering relationships across a wide range of national and ethnic lines. For 16 of those years he was an organization’s regional director over 12 countries.

Head shot of Chuck Baldwin