Colorado State University Extension Quality of Life Program Impact Study

Bob Fetsch


The CSUE Evaluation Team will collaborate with 15-plus SRAPs to collect pretest-posttest McGill Quality of Life (MQOL) data and Independent Living and Operating Survey (ILOS) data from 200 AgrAbility clients to identify changes they make during their time with AgrAbility. The CSUE Evaluation Team will partner with the UIUC Evaluation Team to identify and collect pretest-posttest MQOL and ILOS data from at least 100 farmers and ranchers with disabilities who do not receive AgrAbility services. Fetsch will analyze the data and will provide leadership in reporting, presenting, and writing comparison group results for publication in refereed journals.


Dr. Robert J. “Bob” Fetsch grew up on a small Holstein dairy farm in North Texas. He earned a Ph.D. in guidance and counselor education from the University of Wyoming. He has conducted numerous Extension program evaluation studies and has published 46 refereed journal articles. He has served as project director for the Colorado AgrAbility Project for 15 years and has served as Chair of the NAP Evaluation Committee for 6 years. He is deeply committed to the AgrAbility mission which is to enhance and protect quality of life and preserve livelihoods.

Robert J. Fetsch, Professor and Extension Specialist, Human Development and Family Studies, Colorado State University. September 30, 2008