Project Director

Bill Field


The PD is directly responsible for oversight of the NAP, including management of Purdue personnel involved, fiscal management, reporting, accountability issues, and liaison activities with funded affiliates and USDA-NIFA Project officer. The PD is available to all of the state and regional AgrAbility Projects (SRAPs) for program consultation and acts as liaison to the evaluation team at Colorado State University. The PD reviews all NAP resources prior to release and participates in the National Training Workshop and other training/networking activities. The PD chairs the National Project Advisory Team and ensures that strategic planning findings are incorporated into annual project renewal plans.


Professor Field established the Breaking New Ground (BNG)Resource Center in 1979 and has provided leadership to it for the past 38 years. He has been involved in all aspects of BNG’s programming, including the development of resources, conducting research, designing adaptive aids, and providing on-site services to farm and ranch families dealing with disabling conditions. Between 1990 and 2000, Dr. Field was the PD for the NAP, prior to its relocation to the University of Wisconsin. During that period, the AgrAbility Program grew from 8 SRAPs to 18. Over the past two decades, Dr. Field has managed millions of dollars in grants, contracts, and gifts relating to rural disability issues. These include grants from Deere and Company, NIDRR, RSA, USDA-NIFA, CDC, Indiana Department of Vocational Rehabilitation, NEC Foundation of America, and CHS Foundation. He has participated in rural disability-related events in most U.S. states, four Canadian provinces, and several foreign countries.