What are some examples of what VR will not pay for?

• Land

• Buildings

• Vehicles that have to be registered with the state department of motor vehicles

• Firearms, alcohol, pornography

• Luxury items that may cost more than a similarly functioning item that serves the same purpose

What are some examples of services VR will pay for?

Practically any service mutually agreed and approved by VR counselor and the customer based on the following guidelines:

• The service should be relevant and necessary to lead to gainful employment of the individual

• Some services are approved only for short periods (e.g. medical, mental health counseling, transportation)

• Can be re-authorized after review and approval by VR counselor and/or supervisor

Some of the services include:

• On the Job training, vocational skills training, post secondary training

• Assistive technology

• Business start up expenses

• Child care

• Living maintenance for short duration

• Supplies while under training

• Licensing fees

• Tools required for the job

• Clothes to attend interviews

• Vision enhancing aids or hearing aids

• Computers and printers (will be closely scrutinized)

• Vehicle modification

• Home modifications including bathroom modifications

• Assistive technology of any type that are necessary for the customer to be successful at the job

• Referral to other agencies

• Supported employment

• Job coaching

The customer needs medical services. Can VR pay for that?

VR can pay for short term medical treatment while the case is open and if it is determined that the medical treatment is required for restoration and preparation of the individual for employment.

How much time does it take to receive services from VR?

Eligibility has to be determined and individualized plan of employment (IPE) has to be approved by VR before services can begin. Timeliness guidelines are 60 days for eligibility determination and 120 days for IPE. This can be speeded up by providing necessary information and be flexible for meetings with VR Counselors. The timeliness guidelines are exceeded in less than 10% of the vocational rehabilitation cases.

How long will VR services continue?

The VR services will continue as long as it is required for the customer to become successful on the job. Special circumstances are reviewed by the VR counselor and approvals from the supervisor or region manager may be required. VR closes a customer's case after he/she is successfully employed for 90 days.

Does VR make home calls?

While it is possible for the VR counselor to make a home visit in most cases, VR counselors carry large case loads and make relatively few site visits. However in regard to FWD wanting to retain employment on their farm it is likely that the VR counselor would visit the farm to gain an understanding of the business and the needs related to the functional limitations of the FWD. Most interaction will be by telephone, mail, or during client's visits to the VR office. VR will authorize vendors to conduct the necessary services for the customer. Post-service inspections that are necessary for payment to the vendors are also done through professionals authorized by VR.