Will VR purchase a new tractor for a farmer?

In most cases, No.
To be successfully engaged in production agriculture, a farmer needs a tractor, combine, barn and other capital items. VR is more likely to provide financial support to assist in modifying these items so that the farmer is able to operate or use them independently.

Will VR pay for assistive technology items already purchased or installed prior to determining eligibility?

No. VR will only pay for services after appropriately approved by VR. Approvals for services normally come after eligibility has been determined and an IPE (individualized plan for employment) has been written and approved by VR.

Does VR make direct cash payments to customers?

In nearly all cases, the VR counselor will authorize to have assistive technology or other services contracted for and paid directly to the service provider or vendor. No cash payments are done to the clients other than for mileage reimbursements, items bought by the client as per authorizations from VR.