Order Of Selection (OOS)

What is OOS and how can the customer know if VR in a state is in OOS?

Order of Selection (OOS) is a status entered by VR when financial resources for a fiscal term are depleted and services provided have to be restricted. Services will only be offered on the basis of the category status assigned to the customer at the time of eligibility and severity determination. The three categories are:

most significantly disabled
significantly disabled
Not SD

The first priority is for MSD as they require maximum services and then SD customers are considered. It is possible that NSD customers may not receive any services during OOS. The state reviews OOS status periodically. There are states that are continuously in OOS status. The VR office can provide information on the current status of the state VR.

Is there a condition where the customer is eligible but still cannot receive services?

When the state VR is under order of selection (OOS), certain customers may be denied services or the services may be postponed.