How much does it cost to apply for VR services?

There is no charge to apply for VR services or determine eligibility. All necessary evaluations and assessments to determine eligibility are done at no cost to the applicant.

If the customer is receiving SSI and SSDI, does it affect VR services?

No. An individual receiving SSI and SSDI are automatically eligible for VR services and SSI and SSDI do not affect any services received from VR. VR will provide a benefit analysis so that the farmer with disabilities (FWD) will know how wages will affect their benefits.

What can the customer do if he/she doesn't have any supporting documents about the disability?

The customer can sign the 'release of information consent' form that VR counselor will provide. VR will send the form to the address provided by the customer to obtain the necessary records. VR will pay any fees required by the addressee so as to release records.

What documents should the customer take with him/her when going for the first interview with VR counselor?

Ideally the customer would provide medical records and/or reports that identify the diagnosis, prognosis, restrictions and functional limitations. These records may include reports from the physician, other medical specialists, occupational, physical and/or speech therapists. Psychological evaluation and counseling therapy reports may also be beneficial. If the customer has SSDI or SSI, either the award letter, bank statement or statement from Social Security should be taken. VR will make copies of all relevant documents and return the original to the customer. Any record from a professional regarding the disability is acceptable. If the customer does not have appropriate records, the customer may sign a 'release of information' form that will allow VR to obtain the records from the source. If no records exist VR may authorize and pay for examinations and/or evaluations.

What is the age limits for applying for VR services?

There is no upper age limit for VR services although the customer should be able to complete tasks in an integrated environment. Only adults who are above 18 are eligible to apply. The only exception is for students with disability who are in transition from school to the workplace. They can apply for transition services at age 16.

When will VR close the customer case?

The customer's case is closed successfully when the services have been provided and the customer is on the job successfully for 90 days. However the case may be closed unsuccessfully under the following circumstances. The case will be closed if the customer is not able to be contacted or has moved out of state, if the customer does not cooperate and refuses services, if the customer's disability is too severe so that services are not beneficial for rehabilitation and if the customer dies.