AgrAbility Resources

Are AgrAbility Program materials available in alternative formats?

Generally, yes. Most AgrAbility Program materials can be made available in alternative formats such as Braille or audio-tape if requested in advance. Due to limited demand only very few items are kept in stock in alternative formats. If you are in need of an alternative format for any of the AgrAbility materials, contact the National AgrAbility Project at 1-800-825-4264

Does AgrAbility provide direct funding to clients?

Generally, no. The provisions of the legislation do not allow for either the NAP or the state and regional AgrAbility projects to provide direct funding to clients related to worksite accommodation, starting a new enterprise, or paying for assistive technology. Currently, both the NAP and state and regional projects have, as funding has allowed, provided scholarships to cover travel-related costs of clients attending the National AgrAbility Training Workshop. Check with AgrAbility project directors for additional details.

Does the National AgrAbility Project have a Web site?

How do rehabilitation therapists work with AgrAbility?

Health care professionals trained in occupational, physical, respiratory or speech therapy can evaluate an individual's skills. The skill levels are matched to task demands and recommendations are made for task adaptation or for the application of appropriate adaptive technology.

What is the prevalence of disability within the U.S. farm and ranch population?

Deboy et al. (2008) conducted research to estimate the prevalence of disability within the U.S. farm and ranch population and concluded that between 1.04 million and 2.23 million individuals within the agricultural population were impacted by disability. The primary reasons cited for the inability to provide a more precise population size included the lack of consistent survey methodologies and definitions used for agricultural workers. Other studies have indicated that between 15 and 20 percent of the adult farm and ranch workforce has a physical disability that prevents them from completing certain work-related tasks.

Will training be held in an accessible location?

The AgrAbility projects are committed to make every effort to ensure materials and services offered are accessible to all people with disabilities. Upon request, materials can be produced in an accessible format. Training sessions and outreach programs will be held in accessible facilities.