Where might I find sources of financial assistance for schooling for a farmer with a disability like myself?

Here are some potential sources of financial assistance available to persons with disabilities for furthering their education.

• Vocational Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation Services, etc. (titles vary by state) (possible funding assistance for continuing education). By phone—look in the yellow pages under "Government, State" or in a separate section ahead of the white pages that lists state government offices. On the Web—go to National AgrAbility Project: Vocational Rehabilitation contact information.

• Federal Grants for Education. Go to www.ed.gov and click on "Grants to apply for," "Grant opportunities," and "Money for college."

• State Grants for Education. Go to usa.gov to find your state's website, then click on "Department of Education," then in the search window type "Grants" or "Loans."

• Private-Source Grants for Education. In your search engine window, type "Financial Aid" then "Private Sources" then your state.

• College Scholarships. Check with your local community college or agricultural college and explore the availability of scholarships for non-traditional students.