What is IPE and how does it relate to VR services?

The Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE) consists of three parts;

  • the employment goal,
  • an outline of services necessary to obtain the goal, and
  • the responsibilities of both the consumer and VR

IPE is a plan prepared by the VR counselor in consultation with the customer. The FWD or 'consumer' will have both input and influence in its contents. The plan is based on the available details of the customer's strengths, informed choice of the customer and the appropriate employment goal of the customer as agreed by VR. The IPE is a blueprint of the VR services to be provided to the customer in order to achieve employment and independence. The services must first be identified and agreed upon by both VR and the consumer and included in the IPE. Services not identified and agreed upon in the IPE will not be provided by VR. All services must relate to either the employment goal or the functional limitations resulting from the physical or mental impairment. The plan has to be approved by VR and signed by the customer before services can be started. IPE can be amended as required, by the customer or the VR counselor. Annual review of the IPE is mandatory.