What are some examples of services VR will pay for?

Practically any service mutually agreed and approved by VR counselor and the customer based on the following guidelines:

• The service should be relevant and necessary to lead to gainful employment of the individual

• Some services are approved only for short periods (e.g. medical, mental health counseling, transportation)

• Can be re-authorized after review and approval by VR counselor and/or supervisor

Some of the services include:

• On the Job training, vocational skills training, post secondary training

• Assistive technology

• Business start up expenses

• Child care

• Living maintenance for short duration

• Supplies while under training

• Licensing fees

• Tools required for the job

• Clothes to attend interviews

• Vision enhancing aids or hearing aids

• Computers and printers (will be closely scrutinized)

• Vehicle modification

• Home modifications including bathroom modifications

• Assistive technology of any type that are necessary for the customer to be successful at the job

• Referral to other agencies

• Supported employment

• Job coaching