My problem is my inability to change and hitch agricultural implements on my own. What’s out there that will allow me to do so?

Here are some ideas for hitching without needing assistance:

  1. John Deere has a new iMatch hitching system for their utility tractors where the PTO and three-point hitching is done without getting off the tractor. Go to the John Deere iMatch website
  2. Attachments are available for automatic hitching of a tractor drawbar to the tongue of trailing equipment. One example is StaFast Hitch (see
  3. Check out the "Toolbox," which is a CD-ROM and on-line catalog of commercial and farmer-modified equipment and assistive devices for farming with a disability. It includes a section on hitching. Your county Extension office and local high school agricultural education teacher should have a copy of the CD to view (perhaps borrow), or you can access it (in pdf format) at
  4. Hitching a four-wheel wagon can be a lot easier using a “telescoping” tongue that allows considerable flexibility in making the connection to the tractor drawbar. You back up the tractor in line with the wagon tongue and slide the front portion of the tongue out to align the draw pin holes. The tractor is backed up to lock the two portions of the tongue together.
  5. Keeping PTO drive line shielding and components lubricated and in good condition can make connecting the PTO driveline to the tractor stub shaft easier. Dents in the driveline shielding can greatly increase the effort required to telescope the driveline to make the connection.