I own a small acreage where I want to raise goats to supplement my disability income. Are there any grants or low interest loans available for modifying the home on that acreage to make it accessible or building a new accessible home in my rural area?

  1. Listed below are several government-related entities and one non-profit organization that provide housing monetary grants, low-interest loans, and/or assist in home building, modification or repair for persons in rural areas.

    Vocational Rehabilitation, Rehabilitation Services, etc. (titles vary by state) (both funding and assistance). By phone—look in the yellow pages under "Government, State" or in a separate section in front of the white pages that lists state government offices. On the Web—National AgrAbility Project: Vocational Rehabilitation contact information.

    USDA Rural Development (provides loans and grants for home purchase, home-debt refinancing, home repairs, and rental assistance). By phone—call USDA-RD national office @ 800-670-6553 to obtain the phone number of your state or nearest local RD office. On the Web—go to www.rurdev.usda.gov and click on "State Offices," then your state, then your county, and scroll down to find your local office.

    Housing Assistance Council (provides home loans and technical assistance for people of low income in rural areas). By phone—call HAC national office @ 202-842-8600 or the regional offices at 916-706-1836 (West), 816-880-0400 (Midwest), 404-892-4824 (Southeast), or 505-883-1003 (Southwest). On the Web—go to www.ruralhome.org and click on "HAC Services."

    Federal Housing Authority (provides loans for purchasing or refinancing a home). By phone—call FHA Headquarters @ 800-569-4287 to find out who to contact in your area. On the Web—go to www.fha.gov to learn about the various loan programs, qualifications, application process, and local-area contacts.

    Habitat for Humanity (builds and rehabilitates homes utilizing volunteer labor and donated money and materials). By phone—call Habitat national headquarters @ 800-422-4828 to obtain the phone number of the nearest affiliate. On the Web—go to www.habitat.org and enter your ZIP code under "Search for Affiliates."

  2. For information about other potential rural housing-related funding assistance sources, go to National Agricultural Library's Web site www.nal.usda.gov, and in the site's search bar, type "Housing Loans."