I need help accessing my boat. Does anyone make a device that will lift a person into a boat?

Listed below are three companies that can custom-manufacture or have off-the-shelf man-lifts adapted for accessing boats by either mounting the lift on a large boat or on a pier. They are:

SS Products, of Tempe, AZ—By phone @ 888-224-1425 or on the Web @ www.coachlift.com and click on "Other Handicapped Lifts."

Life Essentials, of Brookston, IN—By phone @ 765-742-6707 or on the Web @ www.lifeessentialsweb.com.

Glide 'n Go Power Seat Lift, made by Access Unlimited, of Binghamton, NY (by phone @ 800-849-2143 or on the Web @ www.accessunlimited.com and click on "Other Vehicle Products).

* Note: When modifying a boat or other water craft for use by someone with a mobility impairment, extra precautions are needed to reduce the risk of injury. All state and federal boating regulations should be followed, including having an adequate number of personal floatation devices available.