I have an arm amputation and have not had any success using a prosthesis. I plan to try to use a chainsaw to cut firewood this winter, and was wondering if you had any advice on how I can safely operate the saw with only one hand.

A significant issue with one handed chainsaw use, which is being practiced by a few, is kickback. Every chainsaw operator will eventually experience kickback or a pinched bar. The injuries to the face from kickback can be significant and even can occur with an anti-kickback mechanism in place. Another behavior that occurs with one handed use is "swing through" that occurs when an operator cuts through a limb, and the saw swings down and makes contact with the leg. Considering these potential incidents, two items of personal protective equipment are essential, a helmet with a protective face shield and chainsaw chaps, which you frequently see with chainsaw artists who often saw with one hand. Protective equipment is available at most large chainsaw dealers.