How can I contact VR?

VR offices are located in all states with an area office serving one or more counties. There is a toll free phone number generally available for anybody to call. To locate the nearest VR office there are several options.

  1. If you have access to the internet, use any search engines such as Google or Yahoo and enter the term 'vocational rehabilitation' followed by your state name. e.g. vocational rehabilitation, Maryland. This will bring up the link to the website of your state vocational rehabilitation agency. [In Maryland, VR is under Department of Education and is known as DORS – Department of Rehabilitation Services. Most of the websites have either a or format where xx stands for the state name or is abbreviation. For example, 'KY' for Kentucky or 'MASS' for Massachusetts or 'Michigan' for Michigan. Some websites have an .org or .com extension but as you webpage comes up, the state government title or logo is clearly displayed. Avoid the mistake of being led to a dubious site.] The website will have an 'office locator' or 'contact us' link where the location, phone number, staff details and email addresses of each of the offices in the state are visibly mentioned.
  2. On the website, click on the 'resources' link to contact the local AgrAbility staff in your state or a nearby state. AgrAbility staff can help you contact your local VR office.
  3. Check under 'Government' listings in the local phone book.