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AgrAbility National Training Workshop

2015 AgrAbility National Training Workshop archive

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About the Workshop

The AgrAbility National Training Workshop (NTW) is the foremost educational event addressing issues related to disability in agriculture.
The mission of the NTW is to empower professionals and consumers to fulfill AgrAbility's main priority areas:

  • Education: The NTW builds service capacity for professionals and provides relevant, practical knowledge to consumers through a variety of means, including keynote sessions, plenary sessions, breakout sessions, tours, and new staff training
  • Networking: The NTW enables networking among AgrAbility staff members and stakeholders to help leverage resources to fulfill the AgrAbility mission. Venues for networking include informal information sharing, structured networking sessions (e.g. standing committees and communities of interest), and exposure to new/potential stakeholders through sessions and exhibits
  • Assistance: The NTW trains AgrAbility staff members in best practices for providing direct assistance to AgrAbility customers. Participation by customers also enhances their ability to remain actively engaged in agriculture-related work
  • Marketing: The NTW provides AgrAbility staff members with training and resources to communicate the AgrAbility mission through sessions specifically focused on marketing and via informal learning from marketing materials or techniques used in exhibits

Audiences for the NTW include:

  • AgrAbility staff members
  • AgrAbility customers and their families
  • AgrAbility stakeholders
    • USDA professionals
    • Rehabilitation professionals
    • Other nonprofit professionals
  • Suppliers of products useful to AgrAbility customers